Polar Express Program

Every December, we support an organization that is making a difference in the lives of children in our community.  This year we will be supporting the Polar Express program in the Phoenix Central School District.  Organized and supported by staff in the District with the goal of providing students from families receiving free or reduced lunches an opportunity to select Christmas gifts for their family members.  Each year, 200+ kids are able to receive the gift of giving to others.  However, it is taxing on the staff of the district with limited outside support to meet such a high demand.
Here is where the Orchard comes in….
Our goal is to collect 100 gifts for men or teen boys which seems to be the items that the program usually lacks most.  Items should be new or gently used.  If you wouldn’t give it to a family member or friend, please don’t bring it for this.
On Sunday, December 18th  bring your gift(s) with you to our gathering. Please make sure that the gift(s) are unwrapped. Some ideas of gifts you may want to consider:
  • Small tool kit less than $10
  • Ice scraper, snow brush, flashlight under $10
  • Candy bars, nuts, mints – packages under $10
  • Men’s and boy’s hats, gloves, and scarves under $10
  • Sports themed throw blankets under $10
  • Football, baseball, basketball gear and clothing under $10
  • Utensils for barbecue grills under $10
  • Coffee mugs under $10
  • Gift cards for coffee, hardware store, etc – please no more than $10
  • Other appropriate gifts that you can think of
**Please feel free to email Brian Coleman with questions at brian@orchardcny.com.

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